About Me

About Me

Nicola falcinelli


My name is Nicola Falcinelli born in Livorno in 1993, I am a freelance photographer, I live and work in Barcelona.

I left Livorno my city at the age of 18 and started an adventure in the world with the desire to discover old and new cultures.

I have lived in different cities, but it is in Barcelona where I started my journey as a photographer.

I went down the street and started to interpret movement, light and depth looking through the viewer and using its main components, as focal field and shutter speed.

I developed my photographic imagination and I understood something more about myself and about photography.

I was lucky enough to start taking pictures in a multicultural city, where you can meet people from any part of the world, a city rich in architecture, art, poetry.

Thanks to these important factors, I have grown as a person and have expanded my knowledge in the field with the intention of transmitting to those who are looking at my photos something more than just colors and figures.

Behind every shot there is hidden my past, my present and my future.