Sumak Kawasy


Sumak Kawasy

Gulliermo is the prostagonist of this project.

Gulliermo has 63 years old, he was born in Argentina, in Santa Fe,
from a poor family. At the age of 5 he was already working as a peddler, selling peanuts and peanuts. Throughout his teenage years he worked to help his family, until, at 17, he left his country, going on the adventure traveling to Brazil.

Entered into a tunnel of alcohol and drugs, he finds himself, in the years to follow, wandering around Europe without a goal. His dependencies lead him to attempt suicide, trying to launch from a 9-storey building.
Once in Barcelona, ​​however, he begins a path of social integration that helps him clean up.

After 38 years ago, he returned to his homeland

This project was developed in 5 months, born from a series of random meetings that allowed me to follow a story that taught me so much about life.



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